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A joint venture between Russell Smith Farms – a local large-scale food producer and founding member of Agri-tech East that understands the important synergy of farming, science and technology; and Hill Commercial Investments Limited, a proven successful team offering expertise in development.

The two halves of SmithsonHill are united in their vision for the future of AgriTech and how nonagricultural sciences can apply their technologies and innovation to the agriculture field. They understand the importance of developing the industry and wish to leave a legacy for future generations.

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22nd May 11:35am
"The time is ripe for catalysing early stage technology transfer in the globally critical tech sector." - Iain Thom…
21st May 8:40am
RT @SEEDSandCHIPS: Here are some of the most important ideas, trends, developments and innovation in global AgriFood-tech.
21st May 8:39am
RT @SmithsonHill: Richard Hobson of @HerdsyHQ feels "the Cambridge effect" has been instrumental to the growth of his business. #Cambridge


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