AgriTech, by improving the competitiveness of the UK food chain, can help to increase UK food production sustainably and help increase the resilience of the UK food chain

These innovations help with food supply, waste reduction, improving productivity in the food chain, increased biodiversity, soil health, wildlife regeneration, animal health and eventually, healthier and better value food for us all.
AgriTech comprises the science-based and /or technology-based development of products, services and commercial applications that are designed to improve yield, resource efficiency, sustainability, health and profitability in agriculture, horticulture and the food chain.

AgriTech, by improving the competitiveness of the UK food chain, can help to increase UK food production sustainably and help increase the resilience of the UK food chain

As in the technology and life sciences clusters, the real power of the AgriTech sector is in the way innovators are working across technology sectors, with new applications and using data more efficiently. With all technology clusters, this convergence of technologies and the agglomeration of businesses in one physical area is key to the cluster developing at a rapid enough rate for businesses to remain competitive in fast-moving technology industries.

Current farming methods and food chains cause significant impact to the environment that, coupled with the global increase in food demand and pressures caused by climate breakdown, create a broad need for new AgriTech solutions underpinned by science and technological innovations.

The key drivers of the AgriTech sector are, notably, the need for more efficient food production, less waste and healthier food.

The route to realising such ambitions is collaboration between businesses, research and commercialisation which ARC will facilitate in its dedicated, world-class facilities.

ARC’s focus is on harnessing multiple science communities, including non-agricultural, to adapt and realise new uses for revolutionary technologies and innovations for the future.


  • 45% increase in Demand by 2030 (IEA)


  • Greater weather extremes and unpredictability
  • Rising Temperatures changing growing conditions
  • Disproportionality affecting poor countries


  • Greater instability of supply chains
  • Greater threat from terrorism


  • 50% increase in demand by 2030 (FAO)
  • Health and nutrition
  • Food security


  • 30% increase in demand for water by 2030 (IFPRI)
  • Soil erosion and degradation
  • Deforestation


ARC intends to play an active role in delivering the government’s vision of the UK as a world leader in agricultural technologies, innovation and sustainability. This globally significant, 1million SQFT AgriTech park will attract companies focused on the commercialisation of new technologies to improve efficiency in agriculture and the food chain, for example:

  • Apps to monitor crop development
  • Precision agriculture
  • Controlling the use of water in agriculture
  • Development of sensor technology
  • Data analysis to improve productivity and sustainability
  • Controlled environment farming technologies.
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